Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform, Brigadier David Granger has condemned the killing of a 17-year old Shaquille “Georgie” Grant at about 11:00 hrs on Tuesday 11th September. The former Houston Secondary School student was shot dead by members of the Guyana Police Force at Third Street, Agricola. Another youth, Rommel Bovell, 20, of Brutus Street, Agricola, was also shot in the incident. Three other young men were arrested by the police.

Brigadier Granger travelled to Agricola immediately on hearing the news. He visited the ‘crime scene’ and expressed condolences to the grieving mother and relatives. He was able to see the garments and congealed blood where the boys were sitting under a shed in a yard.

Brigadier Granger blamed Grant’s death on the recklessness of the Guyana Police Force. He called on the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Leroy Brummell to: immediately interdict the subordinate officer alleged to have done the shooting; conduct an inquiry into the incident; meet with the parents of the boy who was killed and those who were injured and implement measures to ensure that minimum force is used to arrest persons alleged to have broken the law.

Brigadier Granger iterated that, in this case, there was no evidence that the youths had actually broken the law. There was, therefore, no justification for the extreme measures employed such as using lethal force.

The Party Leader said that the Agricola community had been stigmatised during the troubles in 2002-2008. He called on residents to show the same steadfastness they demonstrated during the crisis ten years ago and to resist attempts to criminalise their youths.

The PNCR pledged to continue to stand with the families and victims of the atrocity until justice is served.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana
Wednesday 12th September 2012

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