Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform, Brigadier David Granger has praised the exemplary action of Kwakwani community leaders who defied the People’s Progressive Party/Civic administration and the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development.

Residents - in a dignified but determined way - staged a historic community election of their own in response to the removal of their neighbourhood democratic council and the installation of a purely PPP/C-appointed interim management committee in September. Residents felt that the unfair imposition of an unwanted Interim Management Committee was an affront to their dignity and a denial of democracy.

Brigadier Granger, accompanied by Chairman of the Upper Demerara-Berbice Region Sharma Solomon, met members of the newly-elected Kwakwani Neighbourhood Development Committee at a recent visit to the community. He pointed out that ‘the way forward’ was along the path of local democracy, not of dictatorship by the central government.

He described 2012 as a very significant year - a “year of self-determination” for the entire Region – in which both Linden and Kwakwani had demanded that the central government pay heed to their local needs. He emphasised that “all politics is local” and told local residents that they were correct to insist on being consulted on local issues.

The Party Leader assured residents that the PNCR was fully in support of their action as nothing they had done was unlawful or unwarranted. In fact, the election of their own KNDC was the only logical ‘democratic initiative’ and the practical alternative to an autocratic assault on their rights.

Brigadier Granger earlier in his visit had addressed staff and students of the Kwakwani Secondary School which celebrated its fortieth anniversary with a special ceremony. The Kwakwani Secondary School, which was officially opened in October 1972, was the first and is still the only secondary school in the community. It was built by self-help, with the collaboration of the Reynolds Bauxite Company. This, he reminded residents, was an earlier expression of Kwakwani’s exemplary spirit of self-determination.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana
Wednesday 17th October 2012

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