PRESS RELEASE People’s National Congress Reform Congress Place, Sophia. Georgetown, Guyana. Saturday January 31, 2004

The People's National Congress Reform concluded a highly successful party General Council today, 30th January, 2004. The General Council, the first for the year, was attended by party Regional Committee Members, Regional Councilors, Members of Parliament and Central Executive members. It was one of the best attended General Councils in recent years.

The main item on the day’s program was the feature address by the party leader, Mr. Robert Corbin. Mr. Corbin emphasized the need for the party to re-organize and re-invigorate its organs and membership in preparation to take government. Mr. Corbin highlighted the devious maneuvers of the PPP/C administration, which would bring serious harm to the country, if these actions were not stopped. He added that were it not for the steadfastness and vigilance of the PNCR, this country would have been in more trouble waters.

Delegates to the council were divided into workshops to discuss the party’s work program for 2004. The workshops looked at the party’s plans for party mobilization and organisation, public communication, human services and welfare, policy development, outreach, and education and training.

The General Council adopted three resolutions that were raised by members from the floor of the meeting. One of the resolutions mandated the leadership to do a critical examination of all relations with the government and PPP/C, including the constructive engagement process, should that party maintain its unprincipled and indefensible position as regards the Gajraj affair and its position on governance in general. A resolution called on the PNCR leadership to intensify its campaign for the removal of the Home Affairs Minister and to launch a full and independent inquiry into state-sponsored murder and violence.

The party will be holding a grand public meeting this evening at the well site, Ruimveldt, to report to the nation on the main deliberations and decisions of the General Council.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia.
Georgetown, Guyana.
Saturday January 31, 2004