PRESS STATEMENT By People’s National Congress Reform Monday, 12 June, 2006 Hall of Heroes Congress Place, Sophia.


The People's National Congress Reform has taken note of the inane propaganda of the PPP/C as the PNCR brings the evidence to the people as it relates to the existence of thousands of ineligible names that find themselves on the PLE, the PPP/C is panicking and is resorting to propaganda to prevent the cleansing of the list.

The PNCR wishes to remind the Nation that it was the PPP/C which advocated that the list can be cleansed in the Claims and Objections period. The PPP/C’s Objection therefore suggests that their interest is not in cleansing the list but in having it padded to their advantage. The PNCR expects further panic, desperation and propaganda from the PPP/C as the scrutiny of Region 6 (Corentyne/Berbice) takes place since thousands of ineligible names have been identified and objected to.

The PNCR has a vested interest and has said so on many occasions that it will participate in any elections provided there is a clean and acceptable list of electors. It is against this backdrop that the PNCR in a systematic and organised way took the opportunity of the Claims and Objection period to scrutinize the list. This was done in accordance with the National Registration Act Chapter 19:08 (Regulations No. 4 of 2006). It should be pointed out that this is not a substitute for verification but merely taking the opportunity to establish in the limited time, the need for a house-to-house verification to establish identity and residency of every name which appears on the list.

The PNCR is concerned about what appears to be the undermining of the independence of the Elections Commission. In this regard, the Party notes that even before the names of the objectees are published by the Commission, the PPP/C is in possession of the yet to be published list of names. It suggests ample evidence of collusion between the PPP/C and some officials of GECOM. This will further erode the confidence of stakeholders in both the Elections Commission and the electoral process.

The PNCR wishes at the same time to dispose of some of the lies peddled by the state media and on television programmes. These lies are several and varied but the Party will only deal with a few of them on this occasion. For example, the PPP/C, through one of its representatives, stated on a television program which was aired 11 June, 2006, that the Party had objected to the names of the children of Cyril Belgrave. This is a blatant untruth. While the objection was made, it was never made by the PNCR. The PPP/C’s mischief making is apparent in the fact that out of the thousands of objections made by the PNCR, it singles out the three Belgrave children. Of all the many objections made by the PNCR very few objectees who were notified by GECOM have so far presented themselves at the hearing. It is to be emphasised that the PPP/C must do its work instead of using the state media to score cheap propaganda points. It is the task of the PPP/C to ensure that those persons they claim to exist appear at the enquiry to ascertain their existence.

The PNCR will not be side-tracked or deterred by the PPP/C antics and propaganda. That they have gone to these lengths is symptomatic of their desperation and state of panic. The PPP/C should be advised that the PNCR will continue the work to clean the list. Failure to do so will undermine the Nation’s ability to hold free, fair and transparent elections in keeping with international norms.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana
Monday, 12 June, 2006