PRESS STATEMENT By People’s National Congress Reform Thursday, 11 August, 2006 Hall of Heroes Congress Place, Sophia.

• The PNCR-1G hosts a successful encounter with professionals, religious leaders and NGO activists;
• PNCR One Guyana places the development of women as a high priority in the new administration;
• The PNCR calls on the PPP/C to give up its campaign of misinformation and dirty tricks;
• The PNCR condemns the continued ineptitude of the government’s policies on crime.


The PNCR-1G yesterday, 10th August held a forum at the Georgetown Club under the theme “Sharing its Vision for Guyana - 2006 and Beyond”. This forum was attended by a wide cross section of professionals, religious leaders, NGO activists and other concerned Guyanese.

There were four presentations
• The Economy by Mr. Jerome Khan
• Crime and Security by Mr. Hamley Case
• Youth Empowerment by Ms. Chiyedza James and
• Governance by our Presidential Candidate, Mr. Robert Corbin.

These presentations were followed by a lively and creative period of discussion.

The feedback from the participants was very heartening and reaffirmed the PNCR-1G’s view that the time has come for all Guyanese to play their part in ensuring that Guyana becomes a prosperous, safe and united country, where good governance and the revival of a collective morality are absolute perquisites to the overall development and happiness of our people.


The PNCR One Guyana platform places the issue of gender and development as a high priority in the work programme of our new government. We believe that the development of women must not be an isolated issue cut off from the main discussion and programmes of investment, development and growth. This issue must now permeate every sector and be part of the development and investment mainstream. The PNCR has a noble and distinguished record in promoting the interests of women, but we recognise that in our new term in office, the development approach of gender mainstreaming, that is, placing the issues of gender in the centre of development and growth, must take on a new dimension and new and greater prominence.

The PNCR One Guyana programme sees the fuller participation of women and opportunities for women as key factors in a successful development programme in Guyana. We are convinced that it is poor policy making to ignore 50% of the workforce and the market.

We will therefore give high priority to programmes which will make our women more productive, more involved, more competitive and more integrated. We will ensure that specific development projects, including donor funded projects as well our new partners in investment, place maximum emphasis on opportunities for women. Our policy will be one of people-centred development in which the basic inequalities of women in all areas of social life will be addressed.

Our policy will place the economic empowerment of women as part of our overall strategy to kick start the national growth process. A key means of doing this will be by putting measures in place to ensure that women have access to the resources such as entrepreneurship training, education and finance.
We are going to place special emphasis in the areas of education and other programmes in sexual and reproductive health, geared at giving women greater control over their lives. We will also place special emphasis on legislation and policies for combating the many forms of violence against women and the traumatic effect of male victim violence.

A PNCR Government will begin several key programmes for women. These include, for example, the expansion of micro lending for economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs and law reform to address what we see as unfinished business in the protection of the rights and protection of women in several areas.

We will ensure State support for child care in all governmental agencies and establish programmes for the social and economic needs of the of the woman headed household. We are also going to study the special needs of female dominated professions e.g. nursing, teaching and private security.

We believe that a National policy on women is too important to be run out of a department within a Ministry. The Ministry of Women and Gender Affairs which we will establish will be the key agency in the new government with the capacity to deal with the legal, economic and developmental issues in the welfare of women, as well as the traditional social concerns.

The new Government will give high priority to the convening of the constructional committee on women and gender affairs so that there can be a broad national consensus on the development paths for Guyanese women.


On the 7th August 2006, Mr. Robert Persaud, Information Liaison to President Jagdeo wrote the acting Commissioner of Police, Mr. Henry Greene complaining about threats allegedly made to him by Mr. Oliver Hinckson. In this letter, which was copied to our Presidential Candidate, Mr. Robert Corbin and the representatives of the UK, USA and EU in Guyana, Mr. Persaud stated that “… Mr. Hinckson is reportedly a member of the special PNCR election security team established at the recently held Congress.”

This allegation by Mr. Persaud is completely erroneous and malicious. Mr. Persaud and the PPP/C know that it is false and have deliberately tried to plant the allegation in a vain attempt to cause confusion. This is yet another clear indication that the PPP/C has no plans and policies to share with the people of Guyana; hence they are becoming more and more reliant on the old and outdated strategy of seeking to sow fear, division and apprehension among Guyanese. The PNCR categorically states that Mr. Hinckson is not a member of this party. We also state categorically that Mr. Hinckson is not on any special PNCR election security team or any other team or committee of the Party. We call on the PPP/C to abandon its dirty tricks and tell the nation why it has failed so completely to protect citizens from the onslaught of violent criminals.


In the aftermath of yet another heinous killing in which six (6) persons were brutally murdered, President Jagdeo feebly promises that Agricola will not become another Buxton. This is cold comfort for the good villagers of Agricola and for the rest of the Guyanese. Jagdeo has become a reaction politician and a low impact leader, particularly where crime is concerned. He has been careless in protecting Guyanese and all within our borders from the ravages of crime and the effect of crime. He has failed to recognise and carry out his responsibility as supreme guardian of the people and the primate of law and order. Poor Guyanese at village and community levels feel and experience crime and its effects in almost every aspect of their lives and daily activities.

It has become dangerous to:
• Send children to school;
• Relax at home or in a restaurant or bar;
• Visit one’s neighbors and friends;
• Work at night;
• Sell in our shops;
• Carry money and valuables on the street.

It has even become dangerous to sleep at night.

This state of affairs is lamentable and the outlook is grim. The recurrence of trouble in Buxton, the Bagotstown/Eccles executions and the traffic shoot-up on the East Bank Highway are all grim reminders of the February massacre in Agricola, which took eight innocent lives; and grim reminders of the problems and harbingers of our future. Crime will not suddenly go away like a thief in the night. There has to be a root and branch approach to dealing with the problem. Not the half-hearted, ham-fisted, self-serving, pussy-footing approach Jagdeo has mastered in the last six to seven years and continues to foist on a terrified, race-conscious nation.

We are amazed that some sections of the Guyanese population still fall for the empty promises of a solution to the crime problem Jagdeo churns out like vanilla ice cream. Guyana needs solid responses and action.

Jagdeo’s latest ‘vanilla’ promise is the enlisting of help, post-elections, from a former New York ‘Top Cop’. With the grace of God and the will of the Guyanese people, Jagdeo and the PPP/C will not be in the Government post-elections to serve the good people of Guyana another six-for-a-nine or another ‘vanilla’ solution.

People's National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana.
Thursday, 11 August, 2005