The People’s National Congress Reform has grown accustomed to the egregious statements made by Roger Luncheon, but it is simply appalled at the latest outburst attributed to this hardcore PPP/C hack as reported in the front page of the Guyana Chronicle of February 7th. The PPP/C is obviously upset that the Leader of the PNCR, Mr. Robert Corbin, is vigourously representing the genuine interest of the embattled residents of the Buxton Community.

Luncheon’s attempt to disrespect Mr. Corbin, who holds the Constitutional Office of Leader of the Opposition, will in no way distract the PNCR Leader from giving adequate representation of his constituencies nor deter him from exposing the unlawful and lawless behaviour of the Jagdeo Administration. If Luncheon was attempting to belittle the Leader of the PNCR then he failed lamentably as the residents of the Buxton/Friendship area and the people of the East Coast communities’ generally are supportive of his interventions both at Lusignan and in Buxton to ensure that there is racial harmony and justice in this country. When he visited both communities Mr. Corbin was welcomed and respected by the residents, who were interested in the solutions he offered to their problems and not the gutter politics of the PPP. The PPP is clearly unnerved by this development and has put their propaganda machinery in overdrive.

Luncheon, as is the usual ploy of the PPP, was speaking on matters without obtaining all of the relevant facts or deliberately distorting them for political propaganda. The Leader of the PNCR was responding to the childish statement made by President Jagdeo that he must first admit that Buxton is a safe haven for criminals before he will engage him in any discussions on the crime and security situation in Guyana. In response, Mr. Corbin pointed out that criminals were known to be in all areas of Guyana and not only in Buxton. Luncheon now claims that the Kitty area in which he lives is free of criminal activities. It seems that Luncheon is living on a different planet and the long years of blind loyalty to the PPP has not only clouded his judgement but confused his brains. No intelligent Guyanese would be considered sane, in the context of the police records of the Kitty area, if he says, as Luncheon did, that there are no criminals in Kitty. However, criminal activities in Kitty are not an indictment on all the other law abiding citizens who live there.

If the PPP thinks that engaging in excessive propaganda, by monopolizing NCN and by having top officials like Luncheon issue unintelligent statements, will divert the PNCR and its Leader from the task at hand, they will be sadly disappointed. The Leader will continue to speak out and oppose any attempt to degrade and brutalise the people of Buxton or any other community in Guyana. The Leader of the PNCR, Mr. Robert Corbin will not only continue to speak out against these atrocities but will continue as he has done in the past to offer credible proposals for healing the Buxton Community and promoting its development.

Luncheon must have been visiting the planet Mars when the 2002 Mashramani jail break escapees and other known criminals were comfortably residing in Lamaha Gardens as neighbours of the former Minister of Home Affairs, Ronald Gajraj. Did this make Gajraj a criminal or Lamaha Gardens a safe haven?

Luncheon should know that the Leader of the PNCR is never distracted by such inane outbursts.

People's National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana
Thursday, February 07, 2008