• The Party wishes to record its debt of gratitude for the sterling services of two stalwart members, Ms. Rona Lourindo and Mr. Ivan Peters, and expresses sincere and heartfelt condolences to their families, relatives and friends;
• The visit to Leguan by the Party Chairman is part of a nation-wide programme of outreach visits to observe development, or the lack thereof, in many of the communities in Guyana;
• The PNCR extends to the workers of Guyana and their trade unions, greetings of solidarity on their day, May Day 2010;
• The Jagdeo regime must understand that the mere passage of laws will not enhance our public security.


The People’s National Congress Reform mourns the deaths of two former stalwart members: Rona Lourindo and Ivan Fitzgerald Peters.

Rona Lourindo
Rona Lourindo of Lethem, Rupununi, Region #9 and the late reputed wife of another Party stalwart, Herman Sutherland, died on 23 April 2010 in Boa Vista, Brazil, where she was receiving medical treatment.

Rona was, for several years, an activist of the Party and its women’s movement, the Women’s Revolutionary Socialist Movement (WRSM), now the National Congress of Women (NCW).

She was involved in several campaigns, both in her home village of Potarinau, as well as at Lethem where she last resided.

Ivan Fitzgerald Peters
Ivan Fitzgerald Peters, former teacher and retired headmaster, had a long and illustrious association with the PNCR, spanning a period of forty eight (48) years, during which he served the Party and country in various capacities.

As a Party member he served as Group Chairman, Neighbourhood and District Chairman, as well as Regional Representative – Region #4 to the Central Executive Committee.

After his retirement as headmaster, in 1992, Mr Peters served the Party as a Councillor of the Regional Democratic Council of Region #4 and was also that Region’s representative in the National Assembly of the Parliament of Guyana until 1996.

Mr. Peters elected to join the staff of the Party’s Secretariat and served in various capacities, from 1996 – 2007, when he retired due to poor health.

The Party wishes to record its debt of gratitude for the sterling services of these two stalwart members and expresses sincere and heartfelt condolences to their families, relatives and friends.


The conditions found, during the Chairman’s visit to Leguan, sadly include:
• Massive Unemployment:
• Underemployment;
• Substandard Sea-Defence Erections;
• A Fragile Rice Industry;
• Deplorable Roads; And
• Widespread Discrimination in Irrigation Assistance to Farmers.

The neglect of the residents of the Island of Leguan, in Essequibo, was made clear, on Sunday 25 April 2010, when a high-powered team, led by People's National Congress Reform Chairman and Attorney-at-Law, Mr. Bishwaishwar "Cammie" Rampsaroop, Mayor of Georgetown, Mr. Hamilton Green, member of the Central Executive Committee, Mr. Llewellyn John, Party stalwart and former member of Parliament, Mr. Idris Deen, Mr.Adel Lilly and Miss Tandika Todd of the GYSM, Mr. Shaw and Mr. Gordon of Leguan NDC, as well as Mr. Bowman of Best, Klien, Pouderoyen NDC, visited the Island and interacted with residents and business persons, who were very critical and annoyed with the PPP/C Administration, concerning the many issues and problems affecting them, on the Island.

Among the issues, the Party Chairman discovered affecting the residents, is that the situation on the Island is far from bright and beautiful and he was touched when residents explained to him the level of hardship and hopelessness they and their children have to endure as a result of chronic unemployment and underemployment, on the Island.

The Party Chairman learned that some of the appalling problems affecting the residents and farmers, especially those who are into subsistence farming, are due to Government's neglect. More so, the Administration's carelessness and disrespect for them and the hard-earned dollars of tax-payers, by deliberately not involving them in the monitoring and controlling of sea-defence projects, though they are the ones, who suffer the devastating consequence on their lives and crops, every time substandard works are done on the sea-defence structures. The devastation always amounts to millions of dollars and Government never provides relief or compensation to the residents and farmers.

The farmers complained, that, if they were under the PNC’s Administration, the Rice Industry would not have been devastated, because that Administration would produce a plan to avert, if not mitigate the effects of such, inevitable, natural disaster, caused by the effects of El Nino. This disaster was compounded by the PPP/C Administration’s discriminatory, irrigation wickedness exhibited to non-PPP/C Supporters.

The Party Chairman observed that the years of Government’s neglect have taken a devastating toll on the Island’s roads. He supports the residents and farmers in calling on Government to immediately rehabilitate the rapidly deteriorating roads, especially, in anticipation of the upcoming rainy season.

The Party Chairman visited the Island’s hospital and observed that there is an x-ray unit that was commissioned two years ago, which is of no use to medical staff or patients because it has never functioned. This is yet another example of the Government white elephants and mismanagement.

The Party Chairman, who has visited the Island on numerous occasions in the past, took the opportunity to renew his acquaintance with members of the old Party guard. He met several residents of the Island who pledged their loyalty to him and the Party and who are prepared to work for the return of the People National Congress Reform to government.

This visit is part of a nation-wide programme of outreach visits by the Party Chairman to observe development, or the lack thereof, in many of the communities in Guyana. The Chairman plans to meet and interact with members of our society and to renew his relationship with the Party faithful throughout Guyana.


The PNCR extends to the workers of Guyana and their trade unions, greetings of solidarity on their day, May Day 2010.

For yet another year, Guyanese workers commemorate May Day in an environment of extreme hostility engendered by the PPP/C Government, towards their livelihood.

There is a continuing and concerted effort to roll back the gains achieved since the pioneering and foundational efforts of Hubert Nathaniel Critchlow and other stalwarts who made major personal sacrifices for the achievements of many of the workers rights that are now under attack.

Some anti-working class elements are peddling the idea that trade unions have outlived their usefulness, and that those things Critchlow fought for, such as a living wage, better conditions of work, and an eight hour work day, can be better provided for by employers, such as the Government, themselves.

Moreover the PPP/C Government is hell bent on maintaining the division of the workers representatives, the trade union movement, by its relentless attacks on the Guyana Trades Union Congress (G.T.U.C), while favouring the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (F.I.T.U.G.), it considers as fellow collaborators.

On this May Day, our Guyanese workers still remain terribly underpaid and most are living on the breadline. The arbitrarily imposed salary increases have been below the rate of inflation. Some workers still get little or no allowances and many operate in an environment of poor occupational health and safety standards.

The Minister of Labour stands idly by and/or refuses to employ his enormous statutory powers under the law to resolve trade/industrial disputes. The Minister has evinced a callous disregard for the plight of the Bauxite Workers at the Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc. (BCGI), (which is jointly owned by RUSAL and the Government), whose employers, are being allowed by this PPP/C Government to ride roughshod over the workers and the laws of Guyana.

On this May Day Workers education is still reeling under the massive blow dealt it, when the PPP/C Government removed the annual Parliamentary approved subvention for the Critchlow Labour College.

Guyana’s public servants continue to be under the hammer of their employer, the PPP/C Government, which continues to negate the Agency Shop Agreement with the Guyana Public Service Union (G.P.S.U), and callously commits many breaches of the Collective Labour Agreement with the union, such as the deliberate breaking off of annual salaries negotiations, to impose its own arbitrarily determined paltry increases.

The PNCR wishes to exhort workers to be steadfast against this onslaught, and to appreciate that there is strength there is in Worker’s unity.

It is only a united trade union movement, which can withstand the attacks against workers which undermine their welfare and standard of living.

The PNCR stands ever ready in solidarity to support the workers of Guyana, and their trade unions.



At every National Budget debate the Jagdeo regime boasts about the huge sums of money voted to enhance public security in Guyana. In 2008 it was 12.9 Billion; in 2009, 13.8 Billion and this year the sum voted was 14.9 Billion. Coupled with these boasts is the chest beating by the regime that it has, in the last few years, passed a raft of legislation to enhance the country’s public security.

In the area of traffic, three pieces of legislation passed in 2008 saw provision being made for breathalysers to be used to measure the volume of alcohol in a driver’s blood; the prohibition of using hand held mobile phones while operating a motor vehicle; and the prohibition of music in mini buses and hire cars.

While the PNCR supported all the legislation, we cautioned, during the respective debates, that, unless the authorized strength of the Guyana Police Force was realized and its members given the relevant training, while being provided with the appropriate equipment, the ills the pieces of legislation were intended to curtail, that is, the high incidence of fatal and non fatal accidents on our roads, would continue largely unabated.

Today, two years after the passage of these pieces of legislation, our Police Force remains severely under strength, resulting in too few traffic ranks being on the road to enforce the new legislation.

Additionally, speed guns and breathalyzers, while being available are not sufficient to maximize the impact of these new laws.

It is not only in the area of traffic that laws have been passed without the necessary equipment being made available to the Guyana Police Force to enable it to meaningfully enforce the law.

In 2008, the Hijacking and Piracy Act was passed .Two years after, the marine arm of the Guyana Police Force remains weak, thereby making it impossible for the police to properly patrol our coastal and inland waters.

Apart from the above, the Police are expected to play an increasingly active role in the law enforcement campaigns to stamp out Domestic Violence, Sexual Offences, Human Trafficking and other socially unacceptable activities.

The Jagdeo regime must understand that the mere passage of laws will not enhance our public security. The Security forces have to be endowed with the capacity and resources needed for the implementation of the modern systems required for the effective enforcement of the Law.

Of paramount importance is an adequately manned police force, highly and appropriately trained and properly equipped to enforce the laws.

If Police pay and conditions of service continue at the present deplorable levels, it would be impossible to recruit the calibre of policemen needed to man a modernised and scientifically equipped Guyana Police Force, which has the capabilities and capacity to apply the forensic and other high-tech investigative and detection techniques, needed to combat the increasingly sophisticated and well resourced criminals.

Is the Jagdeo Administration, the Minister of Home Affairs and the Commissioner of Police committed, and in possession of the political will, to implement the reforms urgently needed for the creation of an efficient modern Guyana Police Force?

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana
Friday 30 April 2010