The People’s National Congress Reform today celebrates the 55th anniversary of its founding on 5th October 1957. Forbes Burnham – the Party’s Founder-Leader – in one of the earliest and clearest policy declarations, stated, among other things, that the Party’s objective was “to establish real equality of opportunity”.

The need “to establish real equality of opportunity” is as dire today as it was 55 years ago. The Party’s first commitment today, and its challenge in the future, therefore, is to rectify the national education system so that every Guyanese child can receive a good education. It is committed also, to fortifying the local government system so that our communities can be administered more equitably and democratically.

The PNCR is proud of its achievements in education while in Government. It expanded educational opportunities by constructing the University of Guyana and the Cyril Potter College of Education campuses; by building multilateral, primary, secondary and community high schools in rural and hinterland regions; by inaugurating a comprehensive programme of scholarships; by increasing the number of school places; by producing and distributing textbooks and by introducing free education from nursery to university.

The PNCR today is conscious of the economic, social and political challenges which still confront the nation. It, therefore, renews its commitment to continue to work towards improving access to education and towards ensuring equality of opportunity for all.

The PNCR also renews its pledge to fortify local democracy in order to improve the people’s livelihood. It intends to do so by intensifying people’s participation in neighbourhood democratic councils which, unfortunately, are now being dismantled by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic administration.

The country’s rural and hinterland villages are still plagued by poor infrastructure, youth unemployment and shrinking economic opportunities, especially in crop farming and animal husbandry. The PNCR holds that “All politics is local.” The solutions to local problems can be provided best by the practice of local democracy. The Party is ready to fortify grass-roots democracy by supporting legislative reform and by playing a greater role in local government nationwide.

The PNCR, on its 55th anniversary, iterates its absolute commitment to ensuring equality of opportunity for all and to protecting citizens’ fundamental rights. The Party will continue to work towards improving its relations with trade unions and promoting inclusionary democracy in A Partnership for National Unity.

The Party, inspired by the correct policies of its founders, will continue their work to build a nation where everyone can enjoy a good life.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana
Friday 5th October 2012

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